About Our Tea


Our teas have been selected to support your health and wellbeing so we have opted for organic whenever possible. We also have teas custom blended for us locally by Secret Garden. These are 100% natural but not certified organic. 


Take a moment to check in with yourself before you order.  WE'll be happy to recommend a tea based on flavor but it's best to let us know how you are feeling today because our teas were designed to taste great and balance the body. 


All teas can be made to order hot or iced.


We believe our teas are delicious as is, however if you'd like to add a little to it we have honey (which has beneficial allergen boosting properties as well as a delight for the sweet tooth as well as the herb Stevia Leaf that we brew to sweeten your tea.  Stevia leaf is all natural, and has no calories. 


Some teas just taste better with a little milk.  We have regular 2% cow's milk, coconut milk and almond milk available. 

About Our Food

We have partnered with Bliss Cafe to offer you small healthy, organic, treats that are fresh and delicious. 



Perfect for tea lovers - Enjoy unlimited tea at East when you sign up for our Infinitea Membership. For just $29.00 per month you'll be able to enjoy tea every day we are open.  Just let us know you're a member and we'll give you a cup of your favorite or recommend something new for you to try.  

The Infinitea Membership is part of our Deluxe Membership as well.  So enjoy it on it's own, or with a service!

Tea at East Welbeing

Tea at East Welbeing

Tea Service on our outdoor patio

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea at East

Tea on the patio

Tea on the patio

Tea on the patio at east