Self Love September/October: Invest in Yourself

Last month I paid off my car!!! YAY!!! My intention was to take my car payments and pay off my credit card. I sat down with a pen, paper, and list of my bills and decided this:

I DESERVE THINGS!!! I deserve fluff, I deserve care, I deserve massage, acupuncture, and, to get my hair done now and then. I deserve a wardrobe with new clothes not just thrift store shopping. I deserve to splurge sometimes. Not even with in reason. Sometimes I deserve to go out to dinner and not look at the prices on the menu. I work hard doing what I love. I provide for my son. I pay my bills. I'm responsible with my money. If I'm going to fully envelope the idea of self love I need to remind myself why I do what I do. And I deserve to spend money on me now and then.

I have decided to take half of what I was paying on my car, and use it for me! No regrets, no guilt, no wavering. I sat down the other day at work with our amazing acupuncturist Rob Rohlmeier and created a treatment plan. Not a trade, I will be paying him for treatments for at least the next few months to get my mind, body and soul back into a balanced state of being.

I had my first treatment on Sunday. It felt SO good to do something for me. To walk away clean, not owing anyone anything, knowing I am investing in myself again. I seem to have forgotten how important that is.

The other half of my car payment... again, I sat down and considered my credit card... again i decided no. I am doubling what I've been putting away for a vacation and taking one sooner than planned! I haven't had one in over a year and decided that's something else I deserve and want to do for my son and myself.

In a couple weeks I will be taking a short trip in my motorhome to make sure I have all the components working (I've been renovating all summer). And when that short trips turns out well, I'm going to take a week off and drive away. I'm going to spend some quality down time with my son and really enjoy the coast!!!

Investing my money never felt so good as it does when I'm investing in me!

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