April/May Self Love Challenge Update- "Que Sera Sera"

"Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see. Que sera sera."

Life continues to move forward. One aspect of life which is inescapable is change. Life is never stagnant. It is neither good, nor bad.... it simply is. Things got a little bumpy the past 2 months, so part of my self love was to give myself a break and allow this blog to fall off my "to do" list. Being easy on myself... it's becoming easier.

My Friday night 'me' nights for the past month have included:

1: A wonderful movie night with a mama friend of mine. Up until now our interactions have been very 'kid centric'. We have never had a chance to get to know each other as anything other than moms. It was wonderful. We went out to dinner, I had sushi. We talked about adult things, I was able to take my time eating. We went grocery shopping for treats for the movie and were able to meander through the grocery store taking our time. (For anyone who may read this and be confused... as a parent, grocery shopping with a toddler is a sport. A contest of how quickly can I get through the store with no melt downs, no surprises in the cart, no arguments, and before the next diaper change. A slow walk through the store becomes a wonderous treat.) From dinner we drove to the theater and watched a movie. It was very nice.

2: I spent a night catching up with one of my closest friends. We simply sat in her living room and talked. We had some tea, snacks, and conversation.

3: Catching up with another friend. Someone who I havn't hung out with one on one in over 2 years. I was great. We took a walk around her property, had a nice dinner. Nothing fancy, just relaxing company.

This is what self love looks like for me right now. it's becoming a well rounded practice of loving on myself, keeping up my friendships, getting down time, and getting the time with adults I haven't had over the past 2 years. For right now massages are put on hold. At first I was sad about the change in my Friday night schedule. Steeps and massage in a room which feels like a temple is truly awe inspiring... at the same time, I have been missing my friends and time spent without inturruption. I am planning on trading with my other co-workers to get the physical self care I need, and being flexible as things come up.

No matter what, I am feeling better. I am learning how nice life can be when I allow myself to flex and let go of rigidity. Que Sera Sera has been my motto for the month and has been getting my through. Helping to remind me to let go, I can't control the things which happen, but I CAN control how I react. Once you control the way you think about things, you control the way you feel. Perception is reality and when i can shift my perception, I can control my reality.

Happy days.

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