February- Update on Self-Love Challenge


First month of the self love challenge - My plans fell short -

Well, it turns out making “me” time with a two year old and a family is quite different than “me” time whilst single. After the first 2 weeks of trying I admittedly got frustrated and gave up. I decided I needed to change my expectations and it took two weeks for me to do that.

I forgot my first date with myself. Which goes to show you where I am in my list of priorities. I rescheduled for the next night and was interrupted by a sad 2 year old 30 minutes into my bath.

My second date with myself was on a timeline. I did not have the time to finish my whole routine which was also frustrating. Then the cold/flu hit family and babysitters, life got in the way and I gave up for the next two weeks. I am realizing, as I stated in my original post, where I am at in my life now is VERY different than where I was 3 years ago and my expectation of 2 hours every week is way too high under my current circumstances.

I tell you this not because I am disappointed or discouraged, but to give a perfect example of how important it is to be patient with yourself. To give yourself room to flex as life enters in. To allow forgiveness and compassion into your routine even when plans change. Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be. Just take a deep breath, find your center, smile, and remember you are doing your best!

Here is my new, new years challenge plan:

30 minutes of me time once a week with the hope of twice a week. I have realized the only time I know for sure I can get time for self love is during my sons nap. I will be breaking up my routine into sections. In addition to decreasing my expectations for 'me' time, I will be looking at partnering with some other mama friends to see if I can find someone to trade babysitting with. 30 minutes is not enough me time. For now it will do, but getting an hour a week is my primary objective.

This is a great example of how life enters in. When starting a new routine you may need to make some adjustments and find out what works for you. This has been a learning experience. I will definitely be checking in next month to let you know how the changes in decreased expectations worked out.

If you have started a routine we would love to hear from you. Let us know how it’s going.

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