Fall and Acupuncture

Lao Tzu the famous Chinese philosopher said: “Only in losing do we gain.” I think this quote explains the fall season, as we need to let go and clear things from our minds and surroundings to enable us to regain or maintain health and welcome in the new years blessings.

Acupuncture support during the fall season

The fall season is all about strengthening ourselves and getting ready for winter. In Chinese medicine, this time of the year is associated with the Metal Element in Five Element theory, and it’s the season of letting go. The metal element deals with the lung and large intestine. In regard to the lung, the emotion is grief, and the large intestine is letting go. So, we let go of grief and sadness. How? Acupuncture, exercise, diet and personal reflection. Maybe let go of a bit of the regular rushing that seems to naturally accomodate this season and make room for inner peace so we have something to give back.

The Lung System is key to health

In Chinese medicine the lung system governs respiration and aids in elimination through qi circulation. It is responsible for the energy of breathing and acting as the first line of defense against external pathogens through opening and closing the pores. A weak lung system can lower our immunity and make us sick through impaired qi mechanisim letting pathogens in. This is why covering the back of your neck on windy days can help keep colds away.

Eight body-mind tips to feel your best during fall

1- Support your lungs and intestines by adding a supporting diet that includes: pears, radishes, daikon radish, cauliflower, and cabbage. Avoid cold foods and drinks as lung tissue is too sensitive at this time of the year. Avoid sugar, dairy – anything white or processed – because they form mucus. If you feel a cold is coming, try something with spicy and pungent flavors. Add onions, ginger and garlic to your meals.

2- Sweat. Both lungs and large intestine are related to detoxifying the body. It may seem weird, but fall is a very good time to detoxify since the body is in sync for it during this time.

3- Support the lung system and strengthen your immunity by drinking lots of fluids, teas, and more important, water. It’s always good to be hydrated, especially during the fall to prevent dry skin and constipation. During this time wrap a scarf around your neck. In Acupuncture theory, the back of the neck is a sensitive place where cold can invade the body.

4- Eat more cooked and warm food and less raw food. This supports your immunity and conserves your energy. You need your energy to protect your body rather than it having to warm and cook your food.

5- Organize what is scattered and let go of what you don’t need. Fall is a great time to transition from the outward energy of summer to the inward and contracting energy of the winter.


– Pay your bills.

– Organize your closets and papers.

– Clean your pantry.

– Donate your shoes and clothes that you haven’t used in years.

6- Stay warm and avoid getting cold. Make sure you have enough layers to protect you from weather changes.

7-Detox your emotions. Owning then letting go of old ideas and stagnant emotions assists in making peace with yourself and others. In this way, you “digest” the emotions, and open space for new projects, ideas, and plans.

8- Get regular Acupuncture. Acupuncture treatments can support your immunity and can help your transition through the seasonal changes while maintaining good health. Acupuncture can help you to work on your emotions, and balance your energy. Regular treatments can help you let go and focus your attention on the future.

Reference: Arwa Atwan

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