Acupuncture for Shoulder Pain

There are many different causes for shoulder pain. It affects many people and is one of the top ten conditions I treat on a regular basis at East Wellbeing & Tea.

Some of the common causes of shoulder pain include bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, tendon tears, frozen shoulder, fractures, and injuries. In addition to many different causes of shoulder pain, each person experiences pain differently and in different areas of their body. Your pain might be worse when you lift your arm up and over your head, or to reach to the ground, or picking something up from the ground. It can worsen when it is cold out and for some only when it is moved. Some patients experience pain in the joint itself, some on the trapezius, some on the bottom of the scapula with pain going down the back. With acupuncture it is important treat each person for their specific pain, and not a general area of pain. With that said there are some common points that can be used to help with shoulder pain. Gall Bladder 20 and 21 both are great for stress and tension in the neck and shoulder area, as is Triple Warmer (or San Jiao) 15.

There are many local points surrounding the shoulder area that can be massaged based on where the pain is. Some of the common channels that are on this area are the Triple Warmer or San Jiao, Large Intestine channel, and Lung channel. Applying acupressure directly to the area of pain can benefit and relieve it.

The Small Intestine channel points on the back, near the scapula, have many points that benefit shoulder pain as well.

In addition to local acupuncture points, there are a couple common distal acupuncture points to help with shoulder pain. One of these is Gall Bladder 39 which helps nourish the tendons and bones, and relieves pain. Another point is Gall Bladder 34 which benefits the tendons and joints, relieves pain, and is distal point that can treat the shoulder.

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