Essential Oil Properties: Citrus Fresh Oil

We use Young Living brand essential oils every day at East and I've been using them in my home for many years. I use Lavender oil for mosquito bites, PanAway for muscle soreness, RC for coughs and congestion, and Clarity to increase focus and attention. If you haven't yet used essential oils - this is the blog post for you!

Essential oils are derived directly from the plant and there are no chemicals or perfumes added. It is pure plant oil made from the process of distilling plant material. Essential oils are great for their aromatherapy properties alone are great as well as the therapeutic benefits when these oils are rubbed into the skin and are absorbed.

Additionally some therapeutic grade essential oils are great to ingest. Citrus Fresh can be used as Aromatherapy for it's calming and relaxing properties. It can be used in massage as it supports the lymphatic system and emotional balance and it can be ingested as it has a fresh citrus taste and supports immunity.

*Do not place citrus based essential oils on the skin if you plan to spend time in the sun as it can cause sunburn.

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