Tai Chi Chih Series: Daughter on the Mountaintop


This move begins from the Graceful Conclusion pose. The weight is then carefully shifted to the right foot (without raising one hip) and the arms fall open with the shoulders and upper arm relaxed, the elbows resting against the sides of the hips and the palms facing up, wrists open to each side of the body.

As the weight shifts onto the left foot, the hands begin to rise moving in arcs toward each other as though you were going to touch the palms together. When all of the weight is centered on the left foot, the hands are in front of the face, the left hand closer to the body and the right hand just in front of it. Both are soft, with relaxed, curved fingers.

As the weight begins to shift backward and to the right, the hands begin to slowly descend, maintaining their “prayer” position as long as possible, which will be near the area in front of the t’an t’ien. At that point all of the body’s weight is centered on the right foot. The hands do not fall away from each other during the descent. The resulting shape is a circle with a line down the middle all the way to the bottom.

The hands then part and begin to circle upward, elbows resting against the body. Palms are facing the direction of movement as the body again shuttles forward and to the left.

This move feels as though the energy is stored in the t’an t’ien and the shifting of your weight is what causes the hands to rise. Each time the weight shifts backward, the energy slides down to the source, like rain slowly running down a glass pane.

Carol Selby teaches Tai Chi Chih at East Wellbeing & Tea every Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Sign up on our classes page.

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