Holistic Facials at East Wellbeing & Tea

Upon your arrival at East, you will be greeted by our friendly staff and offered some delicious tea. After you’ve consulted your esthetician about your unique skin type, regimen, and needs, it’s time to settle into one of our beautifully appointed facial rooms.

The Products

The facials here at East are unique for a few reasons. The heart and soul of a good facial is about the skill of your esthetician and of course the products they are using. Our facials showcase products from Golden Path Alchemy. Their products were carefully crafted by two Acupuncturists and Herbalists who understand how the best results come from natural holistic products.


The facial begins with hot steam to relax your mind and open your pores. Now that your skin is prepped for some well-deserved nurturing, awaken cleansing oil will be used to dissolve all your impurities away with organic olive oil, sweet orange, and neroli. This product is great to prepare the skin for cleansing because it not only nourishes without stripping the skin of its natural oils, but it also reduces inflammation and rids the skin of bacteria with licorice, calendula, and schizandra.


If your skin is lacking brightness or just needs a fresh start, it’s now time to exfoliate with Illuminate Cleansing Grains. Oats gently cool irritated skin and lightly exfoliate the top layer of skin facilitating cell turnover while vitamin-rich wheat germ works it’s anti-aging magic.


The Renew Toner is packed with the same Jasmine oil from the serum with a few additional benefits. Carrot seed oil helps protect the skin from UV damage and environmental stress, protection that we all could use for our everyday lives. But what really makes this toner special is the Goji berries. Goji berries pack potent anti-aging benefits. They are one of the highest sources of Vitamin C, contain more than 20 trace minerals, and are rich in beta-carotene. These antioxidant-packed berries help your skin fight free radicals while uplifting and rejuvenating, the perfect combination to finish off your facial.


Moisturizing aloe is then mixed with the Renew Serum for radiance and restorative healing. This serum is a triple-threat of oils that promotes collagen boosting, wrinkle smoothing, and a youthful pampered glow. Sea Buckthorn Oil restores wrinkles and damages while rosehip & jasmine oils hydrate leaving your skin feeling fabulous.

Maintaining Healthy Skin

Regardless of your skin type and needs, we all want our skin to be healthy. We want products that work without the use of harsh chemicals. Although skin doesn’t change overnight, nourishing your skin with holistic remedies made for your wellness will give you a lasting change that you’ll notice. An easy way to bring these remedies into your routine is a monthly facial here at East. Our estheticians are passionate about our products and getting you the best results. By incorporating a monthly facial with products specific to your needs, you not only take better care of your skin, but better care of yourself. Feel free to talk to our staff about Golden Path Alchemy products.

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