Detox Before the Holidays!

Start your Holidays on the right foot with our daily Detox tea! Drink our Detox tea once or twice a day for a week and let us know how you feel. Detox Tea is a combination of Rooibos, Orange Peel, Dandelion Leaf, Alfalfa Leaf, Peppmermint, Red Clover, Nettle Leaf and Plantain. Our tea packs a punch with ingredients that help detoxify liver and kidneys and improve your digestion while providing your body with much needed nutrients and anti-oxidants.


RooibosHigh in antioxidants. Can help improve allergies & circulation and is known to relieve stress and tension.

Orange peel – Used as an anti-inflammatory and helps detoxify liver.

Dandelion leaf – Has been known to detoxify the liver and to help sufferers of diabetes, urinary disorders, cancer and anemia.

Alfalfa leaf - Has been known to improve kidney conditions, bladder and prostate conditions.

Peppermint – Known to improve digestion, reduce pain & inflammation.

Red clover – Has been used for cancer prevention (especially breast cancer). Known to improve digestion, cholesterol levels , and respiratory issues.

Nettle leaf – Known to prevent seasonal allergies and well known diuretic.

Plantain – Known to to help improve intestinal, kidney, and urinary tract infections.

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