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Taryn Davis- Massage Therapist
After getting her Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Cal Poly, Taryn Davis trained at Esalen Institute, California Holistic Institute, and Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute. She specializes in Esalen Massage, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Energywork & Craniosacral.
Ryan Sauter- Massage, Cupping, Thai
Ryan was trained at the California Healing Arts Academy for Reiki and reflexology, and then studied at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health to become a Certified HHP. He loves the healing arts because he has witnessed first hand the power of alternative therapy in restoring vitality and balance to the body.
Eva Malama- Massage & Cupping
Eva received her massage therapy certification through the California Holistic Institute (CHI) & her Master's degree in acupuncture. Eva has been trained in cupping, Tui-Na, Swedish, acupressure, trigger point and deep tissue massage. During treatment, she loves to incorporate a variety of modalities that will increase therapeutic efficacy. Eva focuses on chronic muscle tension relief and utilizes highly diversified styles of treatment with the aim of supporting a client's healing process.
Holly Hetherington-Massage & Cupping
Holly Hetherington was trained in Swedish massage, deep tissue and acupressure and graduated from Californian Holistic Institute. Massage is is a gift and a way to give back to society and bring more peace & love to humanity. When she uses her gift of massage, its fills her soul.
Haylee Hickman- Massage Therapist
Haylee graduated from National Holistic Institute in 2009 with 720 hours in many modalities of massage therapy. She specializes in acupressure, Swedish & deep tissue. After adding aromatherapy & Reiki to her resume last year, her bodywork is very intuitive. Her passion is helping people let go of their stress and return to their natural state of wellbeing & peace. She is a 500 hour yoga teacher and studying Ayurvedic wellness coaching as well.
Montgomery Norton-Massage
Montgomery is a CA State Certified (CMT #81698) Massage Therapist. He graduated from the California Holistic Institute here in San Luis Obispo. Montgomery was first introduced to energy healing work and different bodywork modalities while in High School starting back in 1992. His mother went to massage school in 1989 and worked initially as a Sports Massage Therapist with Montgomery as a student athlete.
Betti Banks- Ahonen, Esthetician
Betti Banks-Ahonen has been a licensed cosmetologist and boutique/salon owner for the last 30 years! She received her license and practice from Murrieta Valley of Southern CA, and her massage certification from IPSB in Pacific Beach, CA. She enjoys continuing her education in skincare and massage. Establishing authentic relationships while engaging, educating and empowering clients is a priority. Betti is very passionate about what she loves and can offer her clients as an esthetician at East.
Jeadon DuCharme, Spa Manager
Jill Stollmeyer, Owner
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Jeadon DuCharme, Spa Manager