The mission at EAST Wellbeing is to inspire our customers to incorporate eastern wellness practices into their everyday lives to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 


At EAST Wellbeing we dedicate ourselves to: 


INTENTION We live our lives with intention and make healthy choices to support our goals.   


MINDFULNESS We practice mindfulness physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally to promote holistic wellbeing in our everyday lives. 


TRANSFORMATION We are dedicated to assisting our clients experience true transformation so that they can adopt a healthier lifestyle while at EAST and offer products to support this lifestyle at home. 


SPREADING WOW We anticipate our clients’ needs to deliver a unique, memorable experience that they will be excited to share with friends and family. 


LISTENING We listen to our unique clients, and serve their individual needs. We also listen to each other, as listening builds trust and strong communication in our team. 


THE DETAILS We understand that it’s the little things that make a big difference and we constantly work to impress our clients and each other with getting the little details right. 


INSPIRATION We choose to live lives of inspired learning.  We want to learn more and grow more; To be inspired and to inspire others. 


CONNECTION We acknowledge that our lives derive purpose and meaning through connecting with others.  We will share our inspirations, creativity, hopes and dreams for our work and for our lives.