Here at East, we want to inspire our customers to incorporate Eastern wellness practices into their everyday lives, ultimately improving their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When it comes to staying healthy, little changes go a long way.

We're here to offer daily, weekly and monthly products and services

and inspiration to help you along the way.  


Our guests will enjoy a menu of curated wellness teas designed to fulfill your body's daily needs. You'll notice we don't offer sugar with our teas; that's because we believe they are sweetened to perfection. If you would prefer a touch of sweetness, we are happy to add a Stevia Boost (organic stevia herb steeped with your tea) or deliver a side of local honey to your table.


You also may notice that we don't offer Wifi to our guests. This is a purposeful practice in mindfulness.  Our request is that when you arrive, you disconnect from your devices and reconnect with yourself.  


The massage and bodywork sessions we specialize in are based on Eastern techniques such as Shiatsu, Reiki, Acupressure, Reflexology and Thai Massage.  Your chakras, meridians and muscles will enjoy every minute.  Enjoy a "steep" in one of our baths before your massage to deepen your experience.  Every room is a new experience at East, and every moment is focused on delighting your senses and leaving you rejuvenated.  


Our acupuncture sessions begin with a complete assessment, taking in your wellness history, your current issues and your wishes for your health and wellness lifestyle. Your treatment will allow you to relax and bring you back to balance and harmony. Your licensed acupuncturist will offer additional details on herbal remedies that may improve your wellbeing.

About the Owners


Rick and I started this business because we have seen our health, energy, immunity and our emotional wellbeing improve greatly once we committed to a consistent schedule of massage, fitness and acupuncture treatments.  Rick needed an edge to keep him on top of his game as the CEO of MINDBODY Inc., and we have found that acupuncture and other massage and bodywork gives both of us the energy to maintain peak performance and feel balanced at work and at home.  We're excited that the treatments we offer at East will do the same for our guests.




Jill Stollmeyer

Founder of East Wellbeing & Tea