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75 Min. $150



75 Min. $300



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75 Min. $150

Ayurveda is a system of wellness and healing from the Indian Subcontinent with writings and teachings that were well established over two thousand years ago.

Ayurvedic treatments are designed around a system of Prakriti and Vikruti.  Prakriti is your mind-body constitution

(this is what we are born with and doesn't change) in the form of 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  We all have a combination of all doshas but one is typically most prominent in each individual. 


Take the test to find out your dosha here


Your Vikruti is your current state of imbalance which changes frequently.  So one may have a Pitta Prakruti (nature) but have a Vata Vikruti (imbalance). The western world has more vata imbalance than any other due to our busy lifestyles.  


Ayurvedic treatments are designed to bring you back to balance.


Bliss Ayurvedic

Anoint your mind, body and spirit with our Bliss Ayurvedic Massage.  Abhyanga is the original Sanskrit name of this full body treatment, and the Sanskrit word "sneha" means both oil and love.  This massage is meant to deliver a healthy dose of love to your body, mind and soul.

This light touch, faster paced, rhythmic massage is designed to infuse your body and joints with oil, and to create a flushing of the lymphatic system which is esential for removal of toxins and production of white blood cells. .

Four Handed Bliss

Our Four Handed Synergy Massage is a rhythmic Ayurvedic treatment performed by two therapists with warm sesame oil infused with herbs to soothe your dosha.  We encourage you to indulge in this unparrelled blissful experience.


This energy and oil treatment is wonderfully luxurious. The combination of scented sesame oil and slow rhythmic movements have an incredibly soothing affect to calm the mind. 


It begins with anointing your marma points to bring the body to a state of deep relaxation. This is followed by a gentle massage of the feet, hands and abdomen with herb infused oil specific for your dosha. 


Finally, a steady stream of warm oil is carefully poured from a copper vessel onto the third eye point allowing the oil to run into the hairline giving you a lustrous hair treatment while your dosha is restoring back to balance. 

Ayurvedic Consultation

Book a private Ayurvedic Consultation to get your health on track. 

Ayurvedic Consultants and Practitioners work like health coaches to get you back on track so that all five components of your wellness are taken into consideration:







Your First Consultation:

You can expect that your first appointment will be 75 minutes.  Once you book, you will receive an email intake form that asks many questions about your current state of wellness.  Complete this prior to our appointment. Your Ayurvedic Consultant will work with you to discuss your goals and desires. Transformation takes time, so your consultant will invest time with you and help you achieve your objectives. 


Treatment Plans are available and give a discount on every treatment.

4 Sessions = $460

6 Sessions = $690

8 Sessions = $920