Healing Sound &

Restorative Yoga

Sunday Dec 4th


Join Bob Nanninga and

Elaina Geltner of QuietStar 

Re-Calibrate, Re-Connect, Re-Lease!

About the Workshop

Sound is a primordial change agent. As we go through big transformations, our energy systems have to catch up.  We will take an afternoon to “receive”, to allow Spirit/Source/The Light to give back to us. As we Breathe, Relax, Release old patterns that no longer serve, we make room to Recalibrate with the higher frequencies now available to us.  Bob plays ngoni, didgeridoo and tambura while Elaina uses her voice, crystal bowls, and Native flute to connect you to the healing energies in the higher dimensions.  We will do very gentle restorative yoga, fully supported with props to allow deep relaxation and rejuvenation.  Find the Bliss in Transformation! 



All levels of experience welcome.


Limited to 11 participants.


Workshop cost: $63